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Hi there,

Suppose you go into a Chinese take-away, there's a list of different choice of food and I'm wondering how you can ask for them, in what quantity. I'm familiar with "portion" and other than that?

- I'll have a portion of sechuani with rice.

Is this what you'd say?

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    I expect this varies a great deal depending on local usage.
    I would ask for "sechuani with <variety definition> rice", or "one/a sechuani ..." if ordering more than one item.

    (My local take-away does not have this item on the menu.)


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    I think that we'd tend to miss out any word for portion and just say "one" or indeed nothing at all - "cod and chips please", "sweet and sour pork with boiled rice" etc would be interpreted as one of each. Similarly, for more than one portion "three cod and chips, two mushy peas and a coke" would get you 3,2,1 in order.

    Foreign restaurants often have numbers too - in which case you can ask for a number 32 with rice or whatever;).
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