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:cool: Hello everybody out there playing with french/english vocabulary,

any ideas about a good way of translating "portrait robot" into English?

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

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  • Katchewan

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm currently translating a sentence said by a teacher about the integration of immigrants from Maghreb in France. How is it translatable in English?
    A la moindre violence, on tend à nos gosses le portrait-robot du Maghrébin délinquant.
    I have a problem with the translation of (...) the "portrait-robot" because it is here meant in a figurative sense.

    I was trying something like: (...) the typical picture of the delinquent Maghrebi.

    But I would like a word more accurate than "typical picture" and know if the first part of my sentence is right.

    Thanks you in advance!
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    Hi Katchewan,

    "portrait-robot" in the word reference dictionary means "identikit" which is an artist's image of someone that the police are trying to identify. Does it mean this in French? Perhaps the sense is not figurative, for example: "At the first sign of violence our kids/children/boys were shown an identikit image of a delinquent Maghrebi".


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    Yes, it is the same meaning in French. I think you're right, identikit can be used in this sense. And your sentence seems good.

    Thank you everyone!


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    Hello . Is "identikit" used only for police / criminal context ?
    I want to translate "portrait-robot" in a booklet for children about active citizenship, to encourage citizen involvement . We make them draw the typical portrait or "identikit" of an active citizen (to emphazise it could be any people, young old, women, man, you, me... ) . We call them "Human citizens"
    In French, the title of this paragraph is "portrait-robot d'un human citzen" . if I I write "identikit of a human citizen" ... do I suggest that they are criminals searched by the police (instead of good people we can all become ) ?

    thank you !