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  1. fillertombay Member

    I found this word in the lyrics for a song and I can't make any sense of it. No dictionaries seem to have an entry for this word.

    Poika sai porttarin kouluun
    Ja saman päivän iltana
    Omaan kotiinsa

    If I were to try and be imaginative with it I might assume it's saying something about being rejected/turned away. Considering its similarity to "portti" I'm just putting it in the meaning of "gate" and equivalating it to the phrase "to show someone the door." I don't really understand the use of the illative here if that is the meaning though.
  2. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    Porttari is an informal word for porttikielto, for which I can't think of an English equivalent right now. It means someone is denied admission to a place until further notice, usually a bar or a restaurant, on account of improper conduct.

    In your example, the boy was not allowed to attend school and later, on the same day, he was not allowed to enter his own home.

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