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Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by GringoDave, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm learning Portuguese, but don't have a good handle on the pronounciation just yet. Does anyone know of a Portuguese Dictionary with audio examples? It doesn't have to have an audio example for every word, but for the main verbs, adjectives, etc it would be good.

    An example is a German-English one I use: http://dict.tu-chemnitz.de/ Many words have audio examples in English and German, but unfortunately they're lacking Portuguese examples....

  2. living in paradise Member

    I do not know about a dictionary but I suggest that you google "sonia portuguese language" and enjoy this site. My students liked it very much.
    Boa sorte.
  3. ignisvandevol Senior Member

    Portugal Portuguese
    You can get alot of them with Brasilian Portuguese, that's just the problem, alot of people asked me for European Portuguese and I don't know any.

    Computer program:
    Rosetta Stone - Brasilian Portuguese, it's used by the american military, it's crap but simple.

    This is a book but has pronounciation to english people:
    Collins Portuguese Dictionary - Both Brasilian and European Portuguese, states the differences, sort of more complex.

    There's fairly good websites with videos and sound streams that teach expressions and words. I can't think of any but a search in google might help.

    a hint
  4. Denis555

    Denis555 Senior Member

    Cracóvia, Polônia
    Brazilian Portuguese
    Hi David,

    It seems you haven't had a look at our resources yet.;)

    There you'll find lots of interesting sites to learn our language compiled by Vanda (our lovely moderator) and volunteers like me.

    Some examples:
    Text-To-Speech (from the dropdown lists -language choose Portuguese. And then -voice for the Brazilian or European accent)

    Text-To-Speech 2 (The same idea. European Portuguese accent)

    UN Radio (For news to read and to listen to in Portuguese. Brazil and Africa)

    Images and Sounds (Pictorial Vocabulary Guides - Brazilian Portuguese accent)
  5. ignisvandevol Senior Member

    Portugal Portuguese
    Thanks Denis, now I can link people to those sites.
  6. Denis555

    Denis555 Senior Member

    Cracóvia, Polônia
    Brazilian Portuguese
    Internet has really made life easier for language learning :idea:

    Here's another site:
    Text-To-Speech 3 (Brazilian Portuguese accent)
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