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One section of a catalogue about dinosaurs is titled ''POS & accessories''.

What does POS mean and how is it pronounced?
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    As cidertree says, we need more information, AliBadass.

    What kind of catalogue is this? What are they selling?
    We also need an answer to cidetree's question: What is listed under this title?


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    What does POS mean and how is it pronounced?
    You haven't given us enough information to tell what it means. It might be explained somewhere else in the catalogue. As for pronunciation, that's "pee oh ess". You pronounce each letter separately.

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    POS may be "point of sale", pronounced as three letters: pee-oh-ess.

    Could this be a section where retailers order dinosaur key-rings and other little novelties that they place at their tills (BrE) / cash registers (AmE)? There's a whole range of small products like this, intended for customers to grab as last-minute purchases while they're waiting to pay.
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    As Wordy says, POS is usually "point of sale" (and I would pronounce each letter separately). "Accessories" could include small products and perhaps also promotional material.


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    The above may be a reason ewie asked who they are selling to.

    In any case, it is a good question and we should wait for an answer.