1. The Last Man In Europe New Member


    Primero, mi espanol es muy malo, lo siento!

    Como se dice 'poser' en espanol?

    In English, 'a poser' is someone who tries to look like a memeber of a youth subculture (goth, punk, skater etc.) or other social group but only wants the attention instead of really liking or understanding the subculture.

  2. MadrigalTriste

    MadrigalTriste Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    English (Canada), Spanish (Argentina)
    I don't know of a great translation for it. I hear the expressions, "Se hace el punk", "Se la da de punk", "Es un trucho".
  3. Romeo_89 Member

    Catalonia, Spain
    Spanish, Catalan

    I'd say: "poseer" (possess or own), but this verb is very formal so, generally people say "tener"

    Example: "Poseo un coche" "Tengo un coche"
    "I possess a car" "I have (got) a car"

    I hope this will help.
  4. MadrigalTriste

    MadrigalTriste Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    English (Canada), Spanish (Argentina)
    Romeo, He is talking about a word that means "imposter", someone who pretends to be someone they are not. I have seen it spelt as "poseur" too.
  5. The Last Man In Europe New Member


    Ok, so there might not be a direct translated word for it. Thanks for your help!
  6. MadrigalTriste

    MadrigalTriste Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    English (Canada), Spanish (Argentina)
    Trucho is quite adequate, but unlike poseur, it can mean "someone who is bad at what he does" or even a con-artist. Its meaning is a lot broader than poseur, but when used in the right context, it's safe to say the meaning would be clear.

    I'm not so sure whether it is specifically Argentine slang, though.
  7. The Last Man In Europe New Member


    Ok, I'll ask about it with some of my friends. I live in Madrid so it could be one of the Spain/South America differences (I know the feeling the UK/US split on various words causes some problems for my Spanish friends!).

    Thanks a lot to both of you who have answered!
  8. elirlandes

    elirlandes Senior Member

    Dublin & Málaga
    Ireland English
    I have not heard "to pose / poser / poseur" being used as The Last Man in Europe describes. In Ireland, and in any British use I have come across, it is somebody who affects a position to try to come across as being "cool" or important. They may indeed be part of that subculture, and/or could be genuinely very good at what they are doing - but it is a question of attitude. There is an element of arrogance (earned or not) to posing.

    An example from football: Cristiano Ronaldo is a poseur, Roy Keane is not a poseur. Both are excellent footballers, but their attitudes are very different.

    The most direct translation I have come across would be "chulear / un chulo".
  9. mijoch Banned

    British English
    Wikipedia reference


  10. Ev1ta New Member

    Spain and spanish
    'Poser' is like 'fantasma' in Spanish. You say 'eres un fantasma!' when you think that person is less than he/she wants to show himself to the others people.

    Sorry, my English is terrible...Ok, maybe you could understand if I'd say: 'My English is perfect', you could think 'Oh, she is a fantasma! Her English is horrible!'

    Hope I could help you!
  11. ORL Senior Member

    Por aquí se suele hablar de que alguien "está en pose de... (punk, goth, skater, etc.)", sobre todo cuando se trata de eso: una pose, algo no genuino.
    También se dice que alguien "la va de ...(punk, goth, skater, etc.)" o que "se la da de...", como mencionaron antes.
    En el caso de que alguien no sea auténtico y que sólo esté en pose de algo, se suele hablar de esa persona como "careta", o "caretón". Creo que esto último te daría el equivalente en un sustantivo. El concepto de falta de autenticidad se resume también en un adjetivo que acuñara hace unos años un animador de programas de radio en Buenos Aires: "trucho/a", que engloba conceptos como poco auténtico, no genuino, falso, de mala calidad, etc. Convirtiendo el adjetivo en sustantivo, se puede hablar de un/a "trucho/a". O también de un punk trucho, un skater trucho, etc.
    Con este mismo último sentido se suele hablar también de un "punk/skater/etc. de cotillón". Hay muchas posibilidades.
  12. MARMENLINS Senior Member

    Catalunya Català
    You can say " Es un/a punki de postal" meaning that he/she dresses like a Punk should dress in the most sterothipical way, but maybe in a few years he/she will be red skin or rastafari...
  13. FRAGUA

    FRAGUA Senior Member

    Estimados amigos, si sólo buscaran en el diccionario se darían cuenta de que la traducción de "poser" que busca The last man in Europe es "presumido" o cualquiera de sus sinónimos, como engreído, envanec¡do... etc.
  14. Futural New Member

    Un punk falso, un metalero falso, un skate falso, un goth or "gótico" falso. There is a lot of colloquial words depending on the country or region. I´ve heard as you can read on this thread, "Se las da de..." "se hace el/la...", "se cree...","...de postal", "trucho", "casposo", "póser", "posudo" from "posar":permanecer en determinada postura para retratarse o para servir de modelo a un pintor o escultor, segun la RAE.
    According to Concise Oxford English Dictionary, pose:assume a particular position in order to be photographed, painted, or drawn.

    For example a mennequin "poses" as a human been but It's not. A punk poser is not a real punk is a fake punk that poses for the picture or to be part of..., or accepted by..., or maybe because it's fashion, not because a individual feels and lives as punk, skater or metaler...
  15. Es un "posero" (que adopta poses)

    posero, ra.(De pose).1. adj. Chile. Dicho de una persona: Que actúa de forma poco auténtica o natural. U. t. c. s.

    Y no solo en Chile se usa
  16. Benizzle03 New Member

    Durham, NC
    creo que se dice "vacilón" en Puerto Rico. Se oye mucho en reggaeton. Auque sé que tiene otras connotaciones.


    Español (Colombia - Bogotá)

    right now I don't remember if there's a word for this in my country but for the verb pose you can use Darselas: ese man (that guy) se las da de metalero/ that guy pose (as) metalhead/headbanger (I don't know if as is necessary in this case in English). if you want to use adjectives to describe these people I would call them lamparas or fictis but they are general.

    maybe at night I'll remember a word that works :)


    Español (Colombia - Bogotá)
    Le pregunte a mis mis amigos y todos dicen que la palabra ¨lampara¨ es muy acertada en este caso.

    We call ¨lampara¨ to those who pretend to be someone they are not or try to call the attention most of the times. The problem is that is not specific for subcultures but rather for all those you consider lamparas.
  19. Condessa

    Condessa Member

    Bogotá, Colombia
    Colombia, Español
    Hmmm... I can't agree with "lámpara". I'm Colombian too, and "lámpara" is anyone who's just... tacky (in any sense).
    Actually, I find the English word "poser" has become usual among young people.
    I love "casposo" (Futural dixit), but I guess not many people will pick this precise meaning. Anyway, if you say it in the right place (i.e. with members of a subculture), it will definitely work (in Colombia).

    How about using "dizque"? It doesn't mean "poser" at all, but it makes anything look doubtful (and I think is way more universal than other specific terms like "trucho"): "A punk poser" could be "un dizque punketo".
    Or you could draw a big pair of quotation marks with your fingers while you say "punketo" ;)
  20. UZIKATKILLKILL Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Castellano, Argentina
    Posar verbo pose sustantivo , ¨una persona que está en pose¨pretende algo que no es
    Pero el verbo posar se usa para actuar, hacer de modelo para un artista, creo que es igual al significado en inglés
  21. Sarah.who Member

    Spanish - Panama
    Muy de acuerdo con Condesa.
    Muchos de los términos anteriores se entienden sólo en ciertos países latinos.
    En cambio: "se las da de...", "se hace el/la...", "se cree..." y "dizque..." me atrevo a decir que las entendería cualquier hispanohablante.
    Y de esos el más popular en Panamá, (¿y tal vez en Colombia?) es "dizque".
    El /ella es "Dizque punk" / "dizque rockero" / "dizque yeye"... (yeye es el equivalente panameño a "fresa" en México...)
  22. gracemar Senior Member

    English Ireland
    I would agree with elirlandes - As far as I know poser is used for people who like to be noticed and play up to the attention. In Spanish I'd say they are chulos o creídos.
  23. sheetdisturber Member

    Toronto, ON, Canada
    Spanish Uruguay
    I would not use "trucho", although it is perfectly understandable. If you want to use an Argentinian slang word, I would go for "chanta", but again, this does not have the original´s sense of pride, and being vain, but it is rather being fake, like "trucho".

    I believe a poser is someone that pretends to be more than what he is, or something that he is not, which would fall under "chanta" though. Everyone would understand.


    Español (Colombia - Bogotá)
    In fact, I didn't suggest Lámpara as an specific word for poser I just thought it would fit properly for a given situation, above all, because I use a lot the word. maybe you don't know the whole nuances of this word like I don't with casposo (that I guess you relate to the verb caspear), that to me, is just mean. However, it sounds to me better and more specific to use dizque that would cast doubt on the supposedly-punk. Ese dizque punqueto sounds great.

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