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In the following context:

- Exactement ; le trou dans la falaise n’est qu’un couloir d’aération pour la
galerie, je devrais pouvoir m’y glisser. Nous devons faire vite, je pars tout de suite. J’aurais besoin d’une corde pour poser un rappel et descendre jusqu’à
l’écaille de rocher, je crois que tu as du matériel d’alpinisme ?
- Je vais chercher ma corde de rappel, ainsi que des mousquetons ; il ne
manque pas d’arbres pour poser un rappel, au fait, c’est à quelle distance du
bord de la falaise ?
- Une longueur de corde suffira.

I am not sure how to translate "corde pour poser un rappel"; here is my suggestion:

- Exactly, the hole in the cliff is just a ventilation corridor for the gallery; I should be able to crawl in there. We must act quickly, I’ll go right away. I need a rope on which I can put an abseiling device and with which I’ll be able to go down until the scale of rock; I think you have climbing equipment?
- I’ll get my rope with the abseiling device and my carabiners; there are plenty of trees on which we can fix the abseiling device; by the way, what is the distance from the hole to the edge of the cliff?
- A length of rope will do.

Do you have any better solution as to the use of the word "abseiling" in English? Thanks!
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    I don't know much about rock climbing, however, the term "abseiling" is a UK-English term for "descending by sliding down a rope," where Americans use the term "rappelling" for the same activity.

    I'm wondering if in this context the verb "poser" might mean "to set up" a rappel, i.e. a descent by rope. So the speaker/writer is saying, for example, he would need a rope to set up a rappel. I would translate "corde de rappel" in the next sentence as "rappel rope."

    Here's a link to some rock-climbing terminology which includes some illustrations:



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    Wikipedia has a good list of climbing terminology in French and ENglish:

    Poser un rappel = to install/set up/fix a rappel / abseiling rope

    If I remember correctly, the rope is set up before the ascent in such a way that it can be retrieved from the bottom of the rock face once the climber has descended. In other words, it's not fixed to the top of the face. A metal thing shaped like a figure of 8 is attached to the rope and used by the climber to control the speed of his descent.
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