Posh 'flaked'

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Woman: "There's just one problem, your maid of honor, we can't find her anywhere."
Wilhamina: "Posh (Victoria Beckham) flaked, I guess we'll have to go ahead without her. I hope she's alright."

Could you tell me what Wilhamina means by "flaked"?

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    A quick Google shows it to mean (sometimes) "didn't show up", "didn't turn up", "dropped out" etc. Posh was expected but didn't come.


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    "Flaked" carries the additional implication that Posh acted irresponsibly; she didn't do what she was expected to do.

    Flake is often used as a verb this way in American English; generally we use the form "to flake out [on someone]". It seems to be less familiar to speakers of British English. See this thread: flake out on.
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