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  1. vientito Senior Member

    It is a tiny detail I would like to get some clear answer of.

    The position of 부사 should it be placed as close to the associated verb as possible in a korean sentence structure


    겨우겨우 친해진 동료들의 바다낚시제안을 거절하고 이곳으로 왔다

    In this sentence should 겨우겨우 be interpreted with 힌해지다 or 거절하다 ?

    Is it better for it to be interpreted as close to the verb as possible? Should 부사 in general be placed as close to the affected action as possible?
  2. reineblanc

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    In general, yes. In this sentence, most Koreans would interpret 겨우겨우 as a modifier of 친해진. But if you insert a comma after 겨우겨우(겨우겨우, 친해진 동료들의 바다낚시제안을~), or in case of spoken language have a short pause after 겨우겨우, it would be adverb of 거절하다, or even the whole sentence..(겨우겨우 ~ 이곳으로 왔다).

    If you put 겨우겨우 before 거절하고(친해진 동료들의 바다낚시제안을 겨우겨우 거절하고~), it would be related to 거절하다 very clearly.
  3. vientito Senior Member

    thank you for clarifying

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