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  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    What is correct between sentences below,dont get so good if suffix 'mi' should be before word 'var' or after?

    İs there any girl?

    'Burada bir kız mı var?' or 'burada bir kız var mı?'

    do you have a child?

    'senin bir çocuğun mu var?' or 'senin bir çocuğun var mı?

    şimdiden teşekkür ederim :)
  2. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Both are correct, depending on the context.
    The mi is put after the word you're asking about.

    Burada bir kız mı var? - would suggest that you were expecting to find a boy here, but it turns out there might be a girl, after all.
    Burada bir kız var mı? - here, you're simply asking whether or not there is a girl over here.

    Senin bir çocuğun mu var? - Do you (really) have a child? (it suggests that, of all the things that you might possess, a child is the last thing I would expect you to have.)
    Senin bir çocuğun var mı? - Most simply 'Do you have a child?'
  3. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Just as i thought :)
  4. Reverence Senior Member

    Exactly. It's all about emphasis.

    "Burada mı bir kız var?" (Is there a girl here?) Here, the person asking the question is informed that there is a girl around, but he wants to know if this is the place.
    "Senin mi çocuğun var?" (You have a child?) Here, the person asking the question can hardly believe the other one is a parent.

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