positive traction

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    I'm not sure what this expression actually means in a business environment. How about something like poussée ?


    A Satya Nadella’s keynote speech at PubCon, revealed that Live Search cashback “has seen positive traction in all three of the key metrics on which the company said it would report: number of offers in the system, advertiser return on investment (ROI), and percentage of commercial search queries as measured by comScore Inc.”.

    Action taken by the Fed and other central banks has resulted in ongoing progress being made to fix the broken credit machine. Although the credit markets are gaining some positive traction, interbank lending has not really picked up and the financial system is still fragile.
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    It's current buzzword jargon. Literally it means that the drive wheels (of, e.g., a car) have a firm grip of the road, and the motor can therefore move the car forward. As a metaphor, I suppose it means that some policy or action has begun to find some success.
    I don't know --- emprise ???
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    Thank you for your reply. I'll be using something like success or successful

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