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    Prosím o pomoc s tímto výrazem ve větě: They are exceptionally curious, self-reliant, contrary, smart, focused, able to adapt, high in self-esteem and possessed with a global orientation.

    1) Rozumněla bych tomu jako "possessed by", ale "possessed with" mi nic neříká.
    2) Co vlastně znamená "global orientation"?

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    In my opinion, the writer has made a mistake with the preposition, and meant to say "possessed of". It's a formal or literary idiom, and it just means "to possess, to have". The (Hais & Hodek, Academia 1984) Velký a-č dictionary gives the example: he is possessed of great natural ability - má velkou přirozenou schopnost.

    "Possessed with" is pretty much the same meaning as "possessed by" - posedlý. It's not the meaning here.

    So they possess/have a global orientation. That means they consider themselves as much a citizen of the wider world as a citizen of their own state. They look out to the whole world, not just to their own country. They are knowledgeable about (and care about) issues like world poverty, the impact of climate change internationally, child labour, child soldiers, the effects of famine and drought round the world etc . They are more likely to take a sympathetic view of asylum seekers, more likely to be sympathetic to campaigns for greater economic justice and against the globalisation policies of the huge multinational companies. They are internationalists rather than nationalists.

    Třeba "mají globální výchovu" ?
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    Thanks a lot.
    The writer didn't make a mistake. It must be some kind of really sofisticated English which is unknown to me.
    A friend of mine (US citizen) told me that the meaning of "to be possessed with" is the same for him (and in the US English) as "to be possessed by". But, as you said, it doesn't make any sense in my sentence, so I'll stick to your idea. Possessed with=to have.


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