Possession was at least half the throne


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ho il sospetto che questo passaggio nasconda un detto che non riesco a cogliere, tipo altezza mezza bellezza, non mi spiego altrimenti quel possession (di cosa poi?). Forse si riferisce al consenso di chiesa e cittadini...

Stephen of Blois was accepted by the church and the citizens of London. Possession was at least half the throne, but Matilda and her husband strongly contested Stephen's coronation and Anjou declared war on Normandy.

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    Io la vedo così: se Stefano fu accettato dal clero e dalla città di Londra, significa che entrò in possesso dei loro beni, e il possesso (o i possedimenti) valeva almeno metà del trono.
    C'è anche un'altra spiegazione, ma non so quanto valga: Stephen (Stephen of Blois) de Blois (± 1097-1154) » maximum test » Genealogie Online "By the aid of his brother who was bishop of Winchester, he possessed himself of the royal treasure, and was enabled to bribe some of the most restive of his opponents while he sought the support of the people at large by promising to restore the laws of Edward the Confessor ".
    Posso aver preso fischi per fiaschi... :D
    There is a saying: "Possession is half (of) the law". I think the sentence in the post is a variant of this saying.
    I agree with Mary's interpretation. Perhaps"possedimenti" would be better. He had inherited vast tracts of land in England.
    I am sorry. What I should have said is that "I suoi possedimenti valevano almeno metà del trono" is how I understood it.
    I did not see the"possession" as a direct reference to the previous sentence, but as something else in his favour.
    On the other hand, there may be an indirect reference, as if the church and the citizens of London had accepted him, that would have meant, presumably, that they accepted his dominion over their lands.
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