Possessive Adjective Article Omission


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Hello. I wanted to know in which cases does one omit the article in Romanian when using a possessive adjective.

I know that it can be dropped for family members:

tatăl meu or tată-meu
mama mea or mamă-mea

Can one drop the article in the vocative? For example: Iubitul meu! > Iubit meu!

  • féebleue

    Not really, no.

    The only instance I can think of in which the article drops, being replaced by a hyphen, is the one you mentioned, when we refer to family members: soră-mea, mătușă-mea, taică-miu, frate-miu, fiică-sa, and even gagică-sa/iubită-sa (his girlfriend).

    But this does not happen in vocative, mainly because we do not put the pronoun in vocative. „Iubitul meu!” is not impossible, but very rare and pretentious/ironic. Normally, one would say „Iubitule!” or maybe „Iubite!”. For the other family members, we would simply say „mamă!”, „tată!”, etc., without the article and without the pronoun.