Possessive Apostrophe for Name ending in y's [e.g. Sandy's]

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I would like to know what the appropriate punctuation is to show possession for a pronoun that ends in y's.

For example, a company's name is Sandy's. In a sentence about the company's ice-creams, how would you treat the apostrophe. Would it simply be, 'Sandy's ice-creams are the best!'

Thanks in advance!
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    There are many company names with the possessive but somehow lost their apostrophes, eg Harrods (originally Harrod's) and there's a teashop in York called Bettys (originally Betty's).

    In general, I'd go for an avoidance strategy and use a noun+noun compound instead: This is a Harrods shopping bag; I got some Bettys chocolates for Easter; Sandy's ice-creams are the best.

    I can't imagine writing or saying Harrods's or Bettys's or Sandy's's!


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    I would still go for the avoidance strategy. I can't imagine writing Sandy's's as I mentioned earlier.


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    We have a real example in Sainsbury's (and a similar one with McDonald's). After a bit of searching I found a use on their website which is unmistakably genitive, and as expected uses the unchanged form Sainsbury's:

    Links to other websites: Whilst Sainsbury’s makes every effort to provide you with links to other high quality, reputable websites, these websites are not under Sainsbury’s day to day control.


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    Have you ever seen it used that way (Sandy's's) in Australia, thetenant?

    Things are different Down Under, sometimes.

    I used to go to a pizza place in LA, and I might say about it: Johnnie's sauce is the best.

    I think you get a free grammatical pass when the name has an apostrophe, and you are using it as a possessive.

    Don't sweat the small fries. :D
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