Post or fade? [ American football ]


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In an american football match, the head coach asks the receiver.

C:How you want the ball? On the outside shoulder?
You wanna post it or you wanna fade more?
R: Post.
C: Ok. Now, R and a zone right book.

Then, the quarterback takes the shotgun snap and passes the ball to that receiver, who run towards the endzone, but gets tackled inside the five yards line.

Could you please explain to me what the coach means?
Thank you.
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    These are routes (patterns) run by a receiver before catching the ball. In a post, he runs toward the goalpost. A fade has the receiver running toward the corner of the end zone.

    The last line describes the way the offense sets up before the play starts, and the general type of play being run. These terms tend to vary from team to team.

    PS — Football “game,” not “match.”