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Hey all,

Does any one of you know what "post welfare America"refers to? The lady is helping people, she's the director of some organization that helps the poor and she says that they "serve a crucial if underfunded role in the postwelfare America of dwidling cash assistance..."
I have no idea what she means,any guess?
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    I think "the US as it exists following the cuts in social welfare payments formulated by Ronald Reagan and successive, mainly Republican administrations"


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    "Post-welfare America" refers to the fact that, several years ago, there were a number of sweeping welfare "reforms" (really reductions) that cut back the amount, type, and duration of public assistance available for people.

    The director of the organization is saying that small non-profits, religious foundations, local government organizations and the like have been forced to fill in the gap since the welfare cuts went into effect.
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