posta aguante


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Hola! Me gustaría saber como traducir esta frase en inglés. La frase completa es "posta aguante la cumbia villera," así que creo que es una expresión argentina.

Gracias por ayudar.
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    Not really, sorry. I read it on a comment thread for a music video. That was the whole comment: "posta aguante la cumbia villera"


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    That "posta" means "you are right, I agree, you are spot-on" or "seriously". If it was a response, then it's probably the former. It also means truth ('Decime la posta' would be 'Tell me the truth').
    The "aguante" part is similar to "¡Viva!". It would basically mean "This is so good, hope it stays around a little longer", in this case. If you really love pizza you could say "Aguante/Viva/Dios bendiga la pizza".

    I personally abhor "posta", it's overused.
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