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Peter Gibson

Postillon is also defined as a gob of spit (in the 1968 Petit Larousse). It should be included in Word Reference; it’s still in common use.
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    It's there in the Fr->En direction; I don't think it belongs in En->Fr (note spelling - with the lion ending it redirects to En->Fr even when the original inquiry was in the other direction.)


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    Thank you for your message. I'm not 100% sure what it's actually about - you've sent the report about postilion, but in your post you use the correct spelling 'postillon', so I'm wondering if you just misspelt the term and didn't find it, or if you are pointing out that we don't actually have gob of spit as a translation (which we didn't). Anyway, I have located the correct term and made some changes to the translation, which will appear next time the dictionary is updated.

    If you were actually trying to point out something else, please feel free to get back in touch.