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    Welcome to the English Only Dictionary Additions forum :)

    The purpose of this forum is to give you an opportunity to contribute words and phrases to the WR English dictionary—words, phrases and definitions that have not yet made it into most other dictionaries.
    :arrow: To report errors in the current WordReference dictionaries, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. This is not the place to suggest corrections to the existing entries.

    Have you come across one of these?
    An English word that you have seen on the web or in print, but is not yet in most dictionaries.
    An English phrase or expression, not yet in most other dictionaries.
    A different meaning or definition for words that are in most dictionaries.
    If you have, please post it here, but please don't invent your own terms. We want terms that are already being used.

    If have a suggestion, please check the WR dictionary to see if it is already included there or in the English Only forum (Forum threads are listed below any definition in the dictionary).
    Please also check at least one other dictionary. There are links to some on-line dictionaries at the end of this post.

    To contribute a suggestion, start a new thread in this forum with the term in the thread title line. Then add:
    1. Your own definition for the term,
    2. An example showing it in use.
    3. The URL or link to a place where you have seen it used.
    4. Any other information that you think is relevant for a dictionary entry: for example, an explanation of the derivation of the term.
    We also welcome comments on suggestions posted by others, especially if you can confirm the definition with additional examples with links.

    Your posts should of course follow the overall English Only forum guidelines.


    Merriam-Webster (which includes definitions from Random House and American Heritage dictionaries)

    Chambers 21st Century Dictionary

    Compact Oxford English Dictionary

    Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

    Oxford Advanced Learner's

    The WR dictionary (link at the top of this forum page: Dictionary and thread title search: English Definition) includes a link to "examples in context" which may help find examples of the term in current use.
    At the top of every dictionary entry you will see:
    in Spanish | in French | in Italian
    in context | images

    Click on "in context" to see examples.

    Remember that you can search for phrases in the WR dictionary by entering key words from the phrase or by entering the entire phrase surrounded by quotation marks.

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