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Context: Walter likes Paige. A new handsome guy Tim joins the team and this is the dialogue between Toby (Walter's friend) and Walter.

Toby: Walter, a guy comes in with Channing Tatum's body and Mitt Romney's hair and you don't like him. May I posture a theory?
Walter: You may not.
Toby: You know that Paige respects you. And if you respect Tim, then Paige will think it's okay to respect Tim and might start to like Tim.

Is "posture a theory" idiomatic? There's almost no use of it on Google.:confused:
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    He probably meant "posit." Whether the scriptwriter is trying to indicate that Toby doesn't know how to use the word correctly, or the scriptwriter him/herself made a mistake, we can't say.


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    .. or postulate. I don't think Toby (this is a show about geniuses) would make this mistake so I'm wondering if it is a transcription error. ;)
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