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    "posturing around" here means to take or make a stand on an issue but not really mean it. You're just pretending to mean it for some reason or other. You're just "posturing"....just "pretending".


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    "Posturing around"is not a fixed term. It's "posturing + around" In this context "around" means "in regards to/concerning [some trade negotiations]"
    It’s also worth noting that the speaker is the Indian CFO of a Japanese multinational. He relates posturing to a specific subject, but it’s usually used intransitively (like terms such as “showing off”):

    … we hope this is just about trade negotiations and a lot of it is no more than posturing …​


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    In this context "around" means "in regards to/concerning [some trade negotiations]"

    It's a bit hard to explain that exact sense of "around". "Accompanying" also has a similar meaning. It's posturing that's accompanying the whole negotiation process. Posturing is a way of acting and stating your position that might be stronger than your true beliefs but it's all part of the give and take of negotiation. The word "around" would be used while the negotiations were going on, the leaders were meeting, etc. It's tied to those specific events (it accompanies them) and trying to get the best deal for your side.
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