posture (will) causes your spine


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There's is a thinking trap in my mother language that sometimes influences the process of English-speaking, I don't know if it is alright in English.
For example:
Bad posture (will) casues your spine to deform.
Eatting too more snacks (will) affects your weight.

I tend to say the version with "will" for in Chinese without "will" the sentence would sound stiff. But recently when I found this question I specificly read some science paper which indicated author(or maybe English) prefers the version without "will". So, I'd like ask if the "will" makes the sentence strange when it illusrates a fact.

Thank you.
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    I think that in the specific sentences you're asking about, you really need a different word. "Will" is a firm factual statement, while the things you're talking about will not necessarily happen. I'd suggest using may, which says that something is possible:
    Bad posture may cause your spine to be deformed.
    Eating too many snacks may increase your weight.
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