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English is not my native language. And I'm trying to understand the meaning of the words posturing and posture in the following esoteric text:

Astrology is not a life-controlling aspect. It's a posturing aspect. That's much different. When you sit on a couch, it postures your weight and then folds itself around you. When you sit on it, you might say that you and the couch are together in cooperation for those moments of sitting. By agreement, you trust the couch. By agreement, it supports your weight. That's posturing. It's not controlling, for you may leave the couch anytime you wish. You may also readjust your position or sit on another couch. Planetary alignments are the same. They aren't controlling, but personal energy posturing. Astrology is this way. It provides a beginning posturing to your life, and it creates different kinds of Human behavior.

Any help would be very appreciated.
Thank you.
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    I sure see a lot of posturing here.

    The esoteric writer is using "posture" in a sense that I've never heard before. The meaning seems to be contained in these lines themselves. The sentence "That's posturing" shows that the author is trying to describe a new concept.
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