potencialidades que conllevan los indicadores

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    Hey guys.

    I'm having problems with the phrasing highlighted below. Does it the translation I have attempted do it justice? It is from a sociology journal and is about a study of xenophobia...

    Original..."se abordó el problema metodológico que implica la medición de la xenofobia y las limitaciones y potencialidades que conllevan los indicadores que se utilizaron en este estudio; "

    My Translation..."The methodological problem involving the measurement of xenophobia was addressed, as were the limitations and potentialities of the indicators (or variables???) that were used in this study. "

    Any suggestions would be extremely welcome!!
  2. Gabriel

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    "Potentialities", if exists, would be correct I guess. But maybe just "potential" would be right.

    Indicators is ok. Another one could be "metrics". "Variables" is a different thing.
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    Potentialities exists, but barely.:) I wouldn't use it. I would opt for possibilities.

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