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    I am trying to find a definition of "potencialización", which does not seem to exist in the dictionary.

    Here´s the context:
    "En donde idealmente una organización debe representar la heterogeneidad biológica, social y económica de las zona, para poder aprovechar la diversidad de perspectivas, frente a los múltiples problemas presentes, es necesaria la potencialización y compresión de esta diversidad."

    I hope you can help,

  2. mulmex

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    Potencialización sería el proceso lograr a su potencial... no sé si es una palabra real

    En inglés sería Potentialization y creo que no es una palabra real en inglés tampoco
  3. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    At monografias.com you'll find the following essay:

    Potencialización de las Relaciones de Amistad y el Conocimiento de la Historia, a partir de la Actividad Lúdica

    (The enabling of friendly relationships and the assimilation of historical data through playtime activities)

    From the title and content of this essay, it becomes clear that the author is speaking about enablement here -- in this case, by setting up certain conditions and activities on the playground to provide the ideal situation for fostering ties of friendship and encouraging academic learning in children.

    I hope this helps,
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  4. mulmex

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    Wow... I'm impressed!!! and I'm NOT being sarcastic. Well done.
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  5. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Thanks, Mulmex,

    P.S. Boy, how I wish I were in Puerto Vallarta or just about anywhere in Jalisco! "Lucky Dog"!
  6. Siboli

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    UK (was Bolivia)
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    Thanks very much. (Sorry this is horredously late.)

    I think in this context, potencialización might be better as "maximising" or "strengthening". What do you think?

  7. Lady Fairfax

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    Siboli, thank you for your input. It did help me a lot with a translation I am doing just now.
  8. logan_1974 Member

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    `Potencialización´ is not a real word, at least it isn´t in the RAE dictionary. It´s one of those stupid new words and expressions that people make up in the business environment, trying to impress other people (wow, look at this new, complex word). At most I´d consider it as business jargon.

    As a better, real option, I´d suggest to use `potenciación´, strenghtening.
  9. codefluence

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    O si quieres sonar menos "técnico" aún, otra alternativa sería "refuerzo".

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