Poterna - Cofano di gola (terminologia militare)


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Dear all,

I need your help to translate two technical-military words describing defensive parts of forts built by Italian or German soldiers fighting each other during the First World War.
The first one is "poterna" : a defensive tunnel built to connect a gun position (usually located in a cave) to some open space.
The second one is "cofano di gola" : a building usually located in a fosse with the purpose of defending the fort.
These terms are very specific and to translate them correctly one has to know the architecture of the forts of that historical time in Italy.
Thank you so much!
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    Ciao, Fede99, benvenuto in WRF!
    Ho trovato il termine poterna in italiano solo QUI, dove viene tradotto con postern. Sembra invece abbastanza usato in spagnolo (wiki), sempre tradotto con il termine inglese postern, ma con un significato un po' diverso, equivalente all'italiano postierla o pusterla. Su KudoZ lo traducono anche con sally port.

    Per cofano di gola vedi QUI su KudoZ. ;):)
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