1. Evan Copelly New Member

    English - U.S.
    Is 'potiguaya' a Mexican-Spanish word for marijuana?
    ?Es 'potiguaya' un termino de espanol-mexicano para marijuana?
  2. BocaJuniors

    BocaJuniors Senior Member

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    It´s Mexican Spanish. ‘Potiguaya’ or ‘potaguaya’ is an apparent contraction of "potación de guaya", which is wine or brandy in which marijuana buds have been steeped.

    Welcome to the forum, saludos. BJ.
  3. Roberto_Mendoza

    Roberto_Mendoza Senior Member

    Michoacán, México
    Spanish - México
    I have never heard it. It doesn't mean that it's not used, but it's the first time I see that word.

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