Potluck dinner invitation (main dish, salad, drink, dessert)

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Hi everyone! :)

I would like some help translating an invitation for two Chinese students that I have. I believe that they speak Cantonese.

The invitation says:
You're invited to a potluck dinner!

Then, there's a section at the bottom that they have to fill out and return to me. The bottom part says:
I will bring (check one):
__ Main dish
__ Salad or Vegetable
__ Drink (non-alcoholic)
__ Dessert

Can someone help me translate this? Thank you so much!
  • VenusEnvy

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    geve: Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. If no one responds, I'll just use the words from the links you gave me to make do. :)


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    HK Cantonese
    Hello VenusEnvy,

    This is my translation.

    邀請請你到 potluck dinner! (每個人都帶一些食物的晚餐聚會)
    ( I don't translate the word 'potluck dinner' because it is not in Chinese culture. I check the dictionary and it says it is 百樂餐, however, seldom people will know what is 百樂餐, so I add a explanation to say that potluck dinner is a dinner which everyone bring some food)

    我會帶 (選一個)
    __沙律或蔬菜 (I use 沙律 because your students are Cantonese, so I think they will use 沙律 instead of 沙拉 which is Mandarin)
    __甜品 (Also, 甜品 is Cantonese, in Mandarin, it is 甜點)



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    I am totally with Raymond on the question of translation of "potluck dinner".
    I may have erred for being overly cautious, but there is not really a "main dish" as such in Chinese cuisine. (You call shark's fins soup just a soup? It is what makes a dinner exquisite!) You may perhaps consider explaining to them a bit on that.
    If, however, they speak Mandarin and not Cantonese, 飲料 (as against 飲品) would be more appropriate for "drinks".
    It is lucky to be your student. I wish I could come, too!:) I do cook.
    Edit : I just discovered your other thread. So they are from Hongkong. They should know about main dish.
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