poudre de pirette tétravalente

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  1. jkbelieve New Member

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    I have found two more words which the dictionary refuses to accept as being words....

    'pirette' and 'tétravalente'.......

    the whole sentence in which these two words are used is :

    'l'absorption de opudre de pirette tétravalente'

    I just don't understand it, why did 'Marcel Aymé' use such strange words?
  2. Ollo Member

    I knew that Marcel Aymé was strange but I did not remember it was SO strange.

    Good luck ;)
  3. Agnès E.

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    No idea about pirette.
    I think tétravalente was coined for fun from the adjectif polyvalent meaning "which has several qualities/effects/attributes". Here, it would mean: which has four effects, I reckon. (Careful! that's just a guess! :p )
  4. Ollo Member

    Tétravalent can also be used in a chemical context. The Carbon for instance can be Tétravalent because it can link with four other elements like in CH4 (Méthane).
  5. Ollo Member

    Is it pirette or pierette (the latter would be a small stone)
  6. french4beth

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    I found this entry:
    Found here
  7. Paf le chien

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    In the context, it means nothing but an imaginary product.

    He adds "tetravalent", which is chemical term, to make it look more credible/serious.

    But if you read "Le passe-muraille" and you stop on each joke like that, you're going to spend the rest of your life asking on the forum ! It is full of untraductible jokes (let say... a five a page average)

  8. Paf le chien

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    Beware : it's just jokes !!!!!

    Have you ever see centauri hurds playing in your garden by night ? :)

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