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  1. amiramir Senior Member

    Hi again,

    I read an article recently talking about new words since the financial crisis, one of which is the Greek word poukou, which, according to the article means 'the time before the financial crisis.'

    1) Is this a word that most people know?
    2) How is it spelt in Greek? (i.e. which syllable is accented?)
    3) What is its etymology? I am assuming it's some portmanteau of some sort, but I'm just guessing.

    Thank you.
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  2. cougr Senior Member

    Hi amiramir,

    It's the abbreviation ΠΚ which stands for Προ Κρίσης (Before the Crisis) and I'd assume that most Greeks would be aware of it.
  3. Perseas Senior Member


    do you mean "πουκου"? From your description it must be the initials of the words "προ κρίσης" (= before the crisis) and it is not a word. I 've never met it myself before (as poukou). In contrast "προ κρίσης" is a well known expression. The spelling is /'pu'ku/, i.e. both syllables are accented.

  4. amiramir Senior Member

    Thank you both for your helpful responses.
  5. Αγγελος Senior Member

    It is a jocular allusion to π.Χ., a standard abbreviation normally read "προ Χριστού" (=before Christ, BC) but often informally read as πουχού, particularly when reading to oneself.
  6. Andrious Senior Member

    Neither have I.

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