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    Hi there,

    A sentence from American Pastoral by Philip Roth

    "A skinny, fair-haired boy of about seven or eight was walking alongside the Swede, a kid under a Mets cap pounding away at a first baseman's mitt that dangled, as had the Swede's, from his left hand. The two, clearly a father and his son, were laughing about something together when I approached and introduced myself. "I knew your brother at Weequahic."""

    I just don't understand the underlined part. What or who is "pounding away"? I think it is the kid "running along with the baseman's mitt on." But I am not sure.

    Could anyone help me paraphrase this sentence?


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    I imagine that the weight of the baseball mitt seems to make his hand dangle (hang down) and, while he is walking, he is holding a ball in the other hand and punching it again the cupped hand which has the mitt on. - pounding the ball (or his fist) against the mitt :rolleyes:
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