pounding, scrabbling down the trail, past the fold

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Hi all;

I think that;

"pounding" , "scrabbling down" and " past the fold" are adjective phrase here (refers to the pursuit party), Am I wrong?

(and I couldn't get "the custom of" :rolleyes:)

  • "He wept silently, after the custom of shamed and angry men, so that when the pursuit party came tumbling, pounding, scrabbling down the trail, past the fold in which he and Hillel stood concealed, he could hear the creak and rattle of their leather armor with its scales of horn; and when the Arsiyah returned, just before daybreak, at the very hour when all of creation seemed to fall silent as if fighting off tears, Zelikman could hear the rumbling of the men's bellies and the grit in their eyelids and the hollowness of failure sounding in their chests."
    (Michael Chabon, Gentlemen of the Road: A Tale of Adventure. Del Ray, 2007)
Thanks for advance
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    "[T]umbling, pounding, scrabbling" is what the pursuit party is doing. "Down the trail, past the fold" is where they are doing it.


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    I believe that our dictionary will answer your question about custom:
    1. a habitual practice; the usual way of acting: It was a custom of mine to get coffee every morning.
    You should also look at: after the manner of

    If these do not answer your question, please start a new thread to ask this second question. :)
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