pounds of pressure


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Hi all,

When you say pounds of pressure, do you mean psi?

My context is from an American TV show:
The excavator's bucket applies hundreds of pounds of pressure to the grizzly bars. [The workers are trying to push the bars down into place]

Thanks :)
  • sophi979

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    Thanks, Sdgraham.

    I know you can't be sure, but do you think it's more likely they are talking about pound-forces?

    PS Grizzly bars are used in gold mining, for preventing large rocks from entering the wash plant (that's what I gathered from this show, but I am definitely no expert...)


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    My speculation is that the narrator hasn't the foggiest idea of the difference and is talking in lofty generalities.

    Moreover, if the "excavator's bucket" refers to a large track hoe, "thousands of pounds" probably is more accurate.

    Just think of it as a really big push.
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