pour cela / pour se faire

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  1. tortuejanine39 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    i would appreciate if someone could help me translate this sentence in English :

    'Il est necessaire de simuler le mouvement. Pour cela, on utilise un logiciel.'

    I suggest : 'It is necessary to simulate the motion. To do so, a software is used ...'

    Is That correct ?

  2. Giordano Bruno

    Giordano Bruno Senior Member

    English, England
    The indefinite article is not required. How about, "It is necessary to simulate the motion. For this, software is used ...'
  3. tortuejanine39 New Member

    thanks Bruno,

    it sounds good to me...
  4. Floor Senior Member

    North of France
    French France
    The correct French spelling is pour ce faire.

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