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- I got these sentences at this link http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120106163937AAhvGz6

"Friends think I can't ever get hurt, that I don't have feelings, that I'm too weak to do things, so they help out, that whenever I'm sad, the best thing to do is to comfort me"

- Are "the best thing to do is to comfort me" and "the best thing to do is to pour comfort into my heart" interchangeable in this context?

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    The image inspired by the expression "to pour comfort into my heart" is rather an attractive one but one that I have never come across before. This should not discourage you, languages should use metaphors and imagery and English often does so, but you should be aware of this.


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    Yes, they are interchangeable, but 'pour comfort into my heart' sounds rather poetical or literary. It's not something anyone would use in everyday writing or speech. 'To comfort me' is the natural thing to say here.


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    Googling "to pour comfort into * heart" suggests that this is a literal translation of Turkish and Vietnamese idioms. Almost all the references are to dictionaries in, and translations from, these two languages.

    (The asterisk in a quote-delimited phrase in google search means "any word is OK in this place in the phrase".)


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    "the best thing to do is to pour comfort into my heart" sounds very artificial and strange to me. It is not at all what I would expect to hear.
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