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This comes from a film called Suspicion.

Man : Have you got any gear? I need some speed.
Driver : I don’t know what you’re on about, it’s not my scene.
Man: But you're Anna's driver, weren't you? Poured us into the car on a number of occasions.
Driver: This is her funeral. Show some respect?

What does "poured us into the car" mean?
  • Fern_

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    I guess it means the people the driver was putting in the car were in a very liquid state... that they were drunk. Would that make sense in the context?


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    The expression poured into often means crammed a lot of something into a small space. For example, she poured herself into her jeans. They are so tight, there is no other explanation for how she got them on other than that she poured herself into them!

    You can also say people poured into the theatre, just to mean that a lot of people came rushing in, like a deluge of water.

    My interpretation here is that Anna had a bunch of high friends and the driver assisted by pouring them into the car. The implication I get from it is that there were a lot of people and that the driver assisted, possibly because they were high.

    Sparky Malarky

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    I agree with Fern. I have always heard "poured into a car" to mean the person was drunk. "Fred made a fool of himself at the party, and his poor wife finally poured him into the car and took him home."

    I can't say I've ever heard "she poured herself into her jeans" either, but I've certainly heard "that dress looks like she was poured into it."


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    It certainly can mean "man, is this a tight fit!," but I agree with Fern and Sparky that the meaning here is that they had drunk so much alcohol they (almost) had to be poured into the car.
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