Pour it up

  • dadane

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    I know what it means to me, but my interpretation doesn't quite fit the context. Could you explain where you heard this?


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    In a bar, some people were making toasts....but to be honest I could've misheard it :S All I know is that they were raising all their cups up high


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    English (London/Essex)
    I think it is likely that you heard correctly, I'm just trying to figure out exactly what was meant.

    I'll explain it as I see it, this may be wrong: If they held a number of toasts taking a small drink each time, it is highly likely at the end of the process the glasses would be close to empty. So, in this case, 'pour it up' would mean refill all the glasses. The underlying meaning being 'formalities over, top up the glasses and let's get drinking properly'.

    This is guesswork, without actually being there is no way to be sure.
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