pour m=2

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what does 'pour' mean in a mathematical context?
e.g. Pour m=2, D2 a pour équation : (2+1)y-(2+2)x+1=0 3y-4x+1=0

is it like for m to be 2?
any accurate suggestions?

Thanks you! :)
  • joelooc

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    French (Provence)
    If m is given the value 2 then D2 can be expressed as (2+1)y-(2+2)x+1=0 3y-4x+1=0
    At least hat's what it means to me.

    Uncle Bob

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    British English
    I would write: "When m = 2, D2 is described by ...", which implies that when m = 3 or some other number then a different equation describes D2.

    (I don't think D2 is "expressed" as it doesn't appear anywhere in the equation.)
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