pour reprendre leur expressions


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I'm having some trouble with this phrase, describing treatment prisoners were subjected to by police:

"Pendant la demi-heure que dura cet "lâchage de taureaux" pour reprendre leurs expressions, pas un agent de police n'intervint pour les en empêcher."

I'm unclear here on whether the "leur" in "leurs expressions" refers to the police or the figurative bulls, and in either case I'm not sure what the meaning of the whole phrase "pour reprendre leurs expressions" would be here. Could it mean this?:

"During the half hour that this "running of the bulls" to see their reactions went on, no police officer intervened to stop them."

Merci en avance!
  • la grive solitaire

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    I think that pour reprendre leurs expressions means as they put in / in their words (i.e., those of the prisoners).


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    Without more context I would suggest that leurs here refers to whoever called this running of the bulls "lâchage de taureaux".

    I would translate it as something like to quote (what they said)
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