Pour un coup d'essai, ce fut un coup de maître

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  1. emmap Senior Member

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    comment traduire "Pour un coup d'essai, ce fut un coup de maître" s'il vous plait?

  2. manska86 Senior Member

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    Generally what I have seen is that people try and translate it and then others help them, moreso to give the other people the specific context but it looks like this is a saying, which could mean it is its own context. Is it a saying? If so it might be similar to the English saying, the student has become the master. So maybe something like, that was perfect, for a first try (or not bad for a rooky), implying that it was completed perfectly though it was the first time the person was doing it. There is probably a better word that will replace perfect. Have I understood it?
  3. Rory Melough

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    I don't think there is an equivalent for this in English - at least nothing springs to mind. I would be tempted to reduce it to its basic meaning and say:

    "Although only a simple attempt, it was a stroke of brilliance."

    Have a check what other English speakers think.
  4. bh7 Senior Member

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    The pretty literal translation
    For a first try, [this was] a master stroke.
    should be fine.
  5. Maped40

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    By the way, this commonly used phrase is a quotation from Corneille (Le Cid)

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