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Okay so this is about the peach pie again (I swear, I've never been this haunted by homework).

This time it is about pouring a mix of cinnamon and sugar onto the pie when it is almost finished. ピーチを皿においてから、シナモンと砂糖を混ぜてぱいに... well what? Ï've actually used かける but I suspect that might be wrong, so is there instead some better way to express it? Can you use注ぐ?
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    The verb 注ぐ is only used for liquids. Use かける or まぶす. The former is a good general expression for pouring both liquid and powdery materials but I have heard the latter in the context of cake baking. It is perhaps used in the nuance that the surface of the pie is thoroughly coated by sugar (not just light sprinkling). By the way, まぶす cannot be used with liquid objects.


    Ah, the instruction makes mouth water.
    May I oblige you to send over some pies fresh from the oven? :)


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    No, but i can post the entire recipe (with all it's flaws, though now mostly corrected thanks to you). :)
    It actually does make quite a good pie, i have made it a few times and it is delicious. But i made it with plums instead of peach. Don't know which is better...

    Thanks a lot in any case!
    (this is actually helping me pass onto the next semester in quite a concrete way, so it's a big help)
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