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"L'áviation israélienne poursuit, elle, ses bombardements"

I don't get this sentence.
Do they mean they continue? or chase? poursuite being to chase right? and elle? I just don't get it. In my dico it also says "poursuite= to follow"

But as Caroline knows, my dico is pretty...."#!! :)
  • radjane dessama

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    poursuivre qqn = to pursue sb
    poursuivre = to continue to do sth
    poursuivre qqn en justice = to proceed against sb (in a court of law)

    in the present case, as Lezert correctly points out, to continue to show its love for the Lebanese people


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    Another way of saying it -with an emphasis on the "elle", is:

    "The Israeli air force, for its part,is continuing its bombing campaign."

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