pout it out/strut

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Can somebody help me with these words? I mean, I don`t wnat a translation but an explanation,it come from a lyric from sheena easton"strut", do you need more text? if you do, this is where it appears:
Strut, pout, put it out, that's what you want from women
Come on baby, what'cha taking me for
Strut pout, cut it out, all taking and no giving
Watch me baby while I walk out the door
I need to know what they mean.
  • Big Hoser

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    Put it out...
    Not in the dictionary.

    Based ONLY on the lyrics (since these are not the only meanings):
    Basically, strut is walk a certain way, sometimes sexy, sometimes strong, in this case, sexy (think swaying hips, side to side).
    Pout is a sexy kiss-like pose, as in, pout with your lips and you look sexy.
    Put it out is, I believe, referring to "put out", which is to have sex. If a girl "puts out", it means she'll sleep with a guy/girl.

    In the context of the song, they are negative things.
    Hope that helped more than it confused.
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