Pouvant réaliser de grandes étapes

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  1. Ti Bateau Senior Member

    The following phrase (which I think should have commas after 'animal' and 'étapes'?) refers to an animal who has travelled great distances.
    I would appreciate confirmation of my understanding, & whether the term 'grands étapes' is metaphorical or literal.

    'L'évidence de cet animal pouvant réaliser de grands étapes viennent des témoins'

    Witnesses verify this animal's capacity to cover great distances.


    Witnesses verify this animal's capacity to achieve such a feat.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Mauricet Senior Member

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    Ce n'est pas du français correct. Déjà étape est féminin (de grandes étapes). Et L'évidence est le sujet du verbe venir (L'évidence ... vient des témoins). On pourrait dire Des témoins attestent la capacité de cet animal à réaliser/parcourir de grandes étapes, comme votre premier essai.
  3. Ti Bateau Senior Member

    Sorry Mauricet the errors were mine when re-typing the phrase:
    'L'évidence de cet animal pouvant réaliser de grandes étapes vient des témoins'

    Do 'grandes étapes' therefore imply great distances (literal not metaphorical) in this phrase?
  4. Transfer_02 Senior Member

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    Witnesses testify (not verify), no? But I wouldn't use the present simple - it makes it sound like a generalisation.

    Evidence/proof of this animal's ability to cover great distances has been provided by witnesses.
  5. Michelvar

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    Even without this typing mistake, the sentence is not good French at all, it looks like something poorly translated.

    Yes, it's likely. "étape" means journey between two resting periods, so "grandes étapes" means that this animal can walk/run/fly/swim very long distances every days.
  6. Ti Bateau Senior Member

    I am not responsible for the French, but pleased to know that my confusion was on account of the quality of the language.
    TY for your help Mauricet.

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