Povestea filmului o are în prim plan pe Aprilia și pe Sebastian


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Hi all!

I'm currently reading an article about a Romanian movie I saw recently (Poveste de dragoste) and I'm a bit confused about this sentence :

Povestea filmului o are în prim plan pe Aprilia (Raluca Aprodu) și pe Sebastian (Dragoş Bucur).

I've learnt that the object pronoun "o" is used to replace feminine nouns, however in this case there are two nouns behind this "o" and one them is masculine (Sebastian). Is this sentence correct ? Why isn't there a "îi" which seems to be the logical pronoun when referring to people of the two sexes ?

Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Hi,

    You're right, it should be "îi", and that's far from being the only slip-up in that particular article. Congrats on knowing Romanian better than a Romanian. :)

    The author of that article seems to embrace a conversational style of writing -- which is probably why she doesn't trouble herself much with comma placement (they're exactly where she might stop to breathe rather than helping parse the sentences) or adding "Sebastian" as an afterthought, just like one might if they were talking to a friend.
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