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    Thank you, Paul.
    So keen skiers like skiing powder. Is "go for" in the expression "go for skiing powder" used the same way as in "go for a walk?"


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    I hesitate to say it, as I'm no expert here, but I would expect to see this as "Go/I go to Zakopane for skiing powder" but would expect to see far more examples of "Go/I go to Zakopane for powder skiing/skiing on powder."

    So, in that sense, if is similar to "I go to Zakopane for a walk."

    You can say, "I go powder skiing" and, although I have not heard it, there is enough evidence on the web to suggest that you can say, "I go skiing powder."


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    Thank you again. :) I was thinking of ways of using this expression in a sentence. I have never gone to Zakopane for skiing powder but it must be a very exciting experience. In February, my sister is going to Whistler for skiing on powder.
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