power penalty


Assuming an equivalent 1dB power penalty and a PMD fibre coefficient of 0.5ps per square root kilometre (a reasonable average for a large proportion of the more recently installed fibre), this results in an unregenerated span distance at 10Gbps of 400km, well within the normal equipment node separation for typical networks. However, at 40Gbps this drops to 25km, much less than the typical 40-100km spacing between existing equipment nodes

How can I translate the power penalty in the French language?Is text that referrs to telecommunications.

Also, is there anyone who speaks greek in this blog?

  • Hi, I think I would call it une perte de puissance (de 1 dB), but I am not an expert in this field.

    Concerning Greek-speaking users of this forum, you may want to have a look at the Greek forum: most users that are active there are likely to either learn or speak Greek.
    Je dirais une perte de puissance de 1 dB moi aussi.
    Oui, cela semble le plus immédiat, mais ce n'est pas ce qui est utilisé dans le contexte des transmissions de données en général. Vous trouverez sur les sites de mesure des connections ADSL par exemple le "taux d'atténuation du signal" pour votre ligne.
    Pour autant, "perte de puissance" fait sens également, bien sûr.