power phase (electrical term)

  • I guess it refers to the type of connection of the plug/socket: either 1-phase (power phase+neutral) or 3-phase (3 power phases+neutral). The first one is much more often indoor, and the second one is usual for industrial apps.

    Another important question to take into account when you stay in a hotel on holiday is checking the power supply voltage, which you may have to adjust by regulating the voltage selector of your device (110 - 125 - 230 V), and even the shape and thickness of the pins!

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    This is a technical question, not linguistic.
    Electricity is generated and distributed in three phases.
    Diagrammatically this looks like CLICK.

    The three phases are distributed via three separate conductors - CLICK.

    Normal domestic premises in the UK and Europe are connected to only one of those phases.
    Larger premises, for example hotels and apartments, are supplied by all three, but any particular part of the hotel or apartment block would be supplied by only one.

    It's a bit like having three separate power distribution systems.

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    Suppose we are talking about using the power wiring in a building to convey broadband digital signals so as to avoid wiring the building or using a WiFi system. To to that we need to attach a gizmo to the power wiring.
    Now look at the images above.
    There are three wires, one for each power phase.
    In the context as defined, if you feed the digital signal into only one phase, it will not be picked up in another phase.