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Hi everybody!

I think it is just a simple question. But I am not sure what it exactly means. ;)

"Powered by XYZ." [for instance in an advertisement or on a news show or on a web site]

Does it means that the company XYZ is giving supply or money for the advertisement or the news show? Or that the company XYZ is responsible for the context of the web site?

I´m a little confused about this. ;)

Thanks a lot for your help!

  • nycphotography

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    Powered by XYZ simply means that a product made by XYZ is somehow fundamental in the operation of the thing bearing the label.

    That said, for cars, it tends to refer ONLY to the engine, not even to the transmission. For example, a car can be Powered By <engine mfr>, but not Powered by Momo (a steering wheel and seat mfr).

    A computer can be Powered by <hardware mfr> or <software mfr>. I think the reason that software can power a computer (or a website) but not a car, is that, a computer takes large parts hardware and software to function, where a car pretty much just needs a big old engine.
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